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Employee Wellness Portal

Healthy Lifestyle. Productive Life.

Imagine a healthier lifestyle. Imagine a happier life. You can have it. SimplyWell's population health management program offers employees individualized and actionable health information based on their lab and test results, health risk assessment and self-reported medical history.

An awareness of your personal health status and potential health risks can empower you to practice healthy habits that are necessary to live and maintain a healthy, more productive lifestyle. Our goal is to place the health information and resources most relevant to your health condition directly at your fingertips. Plus, there is no need to worry about your employer seeing your health data. SimplyWell's population health and wellness management program is private, secure and HIPAA compliant.

If your employer does not currently offer an online employee health and wellness management program, please be sure to suggest SimplyWell's Population Health Management Solutions to your Human Resources Department.

SimplyWell LLC, Health & Wellness, Omaha, NE